Maintain Clean Checkweighers

In order to ensure the performance of automatic checkweigher is good to maintenance, precision instrument for you to explain how to maintain clean Checkweighers, maintenance of automatic checkweigher cleaning mainly divided into the following four steps:

1, clean automatic weighing scale weighing platform

Unplug the power cord after cutting off the weighing power. Wring dry gauze soaked, and then dipped in a little neutral cleaning liquid (such as alcohol), with its cleaning scale, display filter and other parts of the scale body.

2, horizontal correction

Check whether the weighing body of the automatic weighing scale is normal; if there is tilt, it is necessary to adjust the scale foot, so that the table is placed in the center position.

3. Clean printer (equipped with printer)

Cut off the power supply, open the scale on the right side of the plastic door, hold the handle outside the plum printer, the printer out of balance. According to the printer at the front end of the reed, loosen the print head, the scales used in the annex to the special print head cleaning pen gently wipe, wipe clean the print head, when the caps on anti cleaning liquid volatilization in the pen, and then wait for two minutes, to print head cleaning fluid full of volatile, and then close the print head, will the printer back off the scale body, plastic door, electricity detection, print clearly to normal use.

4, initialization

Automatic checkweigher with zero tracking and boot reset function, remove the boot on the pan body, ensure the balance under the condition of no wind power, such as the boot after a little weight display, you can press the "reset" key to scale back to zero.