How To Distinguish Between Steel Pipe Material

According to the different steel profile is usually divided into sections and plates, pipes and metal products of four categories, in order to facilitate the organization of steel production, supply and improve the management and operation of the order, and divided into heavy rail, light rail, large steel, and steel, small steel, steel cold-formed steel, excellent steel, wire, plate, sheet steel, electrical silicon steel sheet, strip steel, steel seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe, metal products and other varieties. Hebei Hua Yang steel pipe, straight seam pipe steel factory presents for you.

Production method of steel

Some steel processing is the steel after pressure processing, so that the processed steel (billet, ingot, etc.) plastic deformation.  According to the steel processing temperature is not steel, with the sub cold processing and hot processing.

The processing methods of steel are as follows:

Rolling: steel billet after a gap of rotary roll (shape), due to the tightening of the roll data section decreases, the pressure to add the processing length, this is the most commonly used steel production modes of production, mainly used to produce steel profiles, sheet, pipe material. Partial cold rolling and hot rolling.

Use the hammer forging steel: reciprocating impact or pressure of press the blank change into a pressure processing method shape and size we needed. It is usually divided into free forging and die forging, which are often used to produce large material, open billet, uniform ruler and large diameter of steel.

Pulling steel: metal blank will have been rolled (type, tube, finished product) after Kongla mode dial a reduced cross section length added processing method is mostly used for cold working.

Extrusion: steel metal is placed in a sealed kneading in, end pressure, the metal from the die hole in the rules and processing methods have the same extrusion shape and size of the finished product, used for the production of non-ferrous metal material steel.