The application prospect of steel pipe in steel structure construction is broad

Steel structure building is a new type of energy saving and environmental protection building system, known as the "green building" in twenty-first Century". Steel structure building is a light weight, high strength, good seismic performance, energy saving, environmental protection, can be recycled construction structure, in line with the development of energy-saving buildings and the sustained and healthy development of the economy requirements.

The biggest advantage of steel tube structure is that it can perfectly combine the functional requirements, sensory requirements and economic benefits of the building. Because of its superior performance, steel tube structure has been developed rapidly in recent years. Its application range involves almost all structural fields, including housing, bridges, dams, offshore platform structures and tower masts.

The application of steel pipe structure in our country is later than Western Europe, North America and Japan, but in recent 10 years, the steel pipe structure has been developed rapidly in our country. Such as Changchun stadium, Shanghai stadium, Hongkou stadium, Guangzhou stadium, the capital airport new terminal, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport new terminal, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport terminal, Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, has extensive use of steel structure.

According to the statistics of steel products consumed by 17 super grade and 29 first class steel production plants by the China Steel Association, the consumption of steel pipe in China accounts for 9% - 10% of the steel structure output. According to the annual output of 20 million tons of steel structure calculation for construction of structure with steel tube is about 2 million tons, far less than the hot-rolled H steel, also far lower than Japan, the United States and Europe showed that amount of steel pipe in our country has a large development space.