Container should have a few conditions

The container also called the container and the container, is a kind of equipment for the transport of goods, convenient handling machinery, long-term repeated use, when use container transport goods, can be directly in the consignor warehouse loading, shipped to the consignee's warehouse unloading. The box is the biggest bright spot in the change, the ship does not need to be taken out from the box to change goods.

So, are all the containers all containers? Not, containers and other cargo container manufacturers said there are still a lot of difference, is a general dry cargo container six cuboid, which is composed of a frame structure, two side walls, a top end, a box, a box bottom and a box door of the in freight containers should have the following conditions.

(1) all or partly closed, constitute a loading warehouse;

(2) permanent, and therefore strong enough to be used again and again;

(3) with special design, it is easy to use one or more modes of transportation to carry goods without reloading in the middle;

(4) design is for ease of loading and unloading, especially from one mode of transport to another;

(5) the design is for easy filling and unloading of goods;

(6) the internal volume is one cubic meter or more than one cubic meter.