Automatic checkweighing scale installation and use

Checkweighers first use or update the weighing machine components (sensors, conveyor belts, motor drive belt) when there is a need to pay attention to many details, today we will share with you about the need to pay attention to the first use of the checkweigher.

Packing and shipping

1. Checkweighers: wooden packing box, the sensor protection during transport in a reliable protection state, installed rear can loosen the protective device (sensor plate had been removed, remove the sealing parts bag).

2. place the weighing scales at the place to be installed. Choose sites where there is no obvious vibration.

3. carefully put down the weighing scales, and then remove the crate. Open the package of weighing conveyor belt

4. loosen the protective nut on the belt bracket. Avoid excessive pressure. It is forbidden to place any tools or other objects in the weighing conveyor belt, and do not let any object fall on it, and install the sensor backing plate (see attached figure).

5. align the weighing scales in the horizontal and left and right directions to ensure the level of the weighing scales.

The 6. input conveyor belt and the output conveyor belt must be aligned and cannot touch the weighing conveyor belt, that is, the weighing belt must be able to move freely without touching other conveyor belts or objects.

7. align all conveyor belts horizontally and vertically to ensure smooth transmission of products.