Automatic checkweighing machine

Basic overview

Automatic weighing machine, also called weight sorter, is a device which can realize high precision weight detection stably and quickly in dynamic situation and automatically identify the products with overweight or less weight. High anti-interference weight testing machine of Yi new development can not only high speed and precision test weight, but also with the high-speed packaging machine code reader, high-definition industrial cameras, inkjet printer, labeling machine, integrated, meet the needs of more customers, provide more suitable for customers to automatically check the heavy solution.

Basic principle

Some products to enter the production line speed unit weight checking machine, after the pilot, the speed up of products were separated into the weighing unit, and when the photoelectric switch is located in front of the weighing unit, weight detection machine began to automatic weighing of the product. At the same time, the weight check machine is compared with the original standard weight value, the upper and lower limit value, and the automatic sorting of qualified products and overweight and less heavy products.

Application industry

Weight detector is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, hardware, automotive, logistics and other industries. The weighing machine not only ensures the accuracy of the weight of the product in the production process, but also reduces the waste of production caused by the weight exceeding the standard value, and also improves the confidence of the product in the consumer mind. With the increase of the automatic weighing scale in the production process and the increase of the function, the equipment is gradually changed from the weight detection to the weight detection of the system integration.