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Metal Detector For Food Packaging

Metal Detector For Food Packaging
Product Details

Metal detector for food packaging

1. Applied to the granular food, pharmaceuticals, Plastics, chemical and other products to the line detection (before packing).
2. The closed exclude device, good dustproof effective, easy to clean.
3. With an easy-disassembling structure, to facilitate daily maintenance and repair.
4. Dual-channel test, which can detect all types of metals, including iron, non-magnetic stainless steel, copper, aluminum.
5. Fast response, the low actual rate of waste.
6. The performance of the belt conveyor is complied with the American food sanitation standard (FDA), it can be used for transporting the unpacked food directly.
7. Good stability and suited to various industrial environments. 
8. With LCD screen, easy to operate.
9. Able to store and recall 30 products.

Conveyor width


Max pass width


Conveyor length


Through height


Conveyor height

400mm~User Spec.

Display screen

5" LCD Touch screen Mono

Level of check

10 Level LED Bar

Detection range


Test material

Fe. Stainless

Metal detection signal

Conveyor stop+baton,model output(DC 24V)

Conveyor speed

15~60m/min (speed is adjustable)

Working environment

0℃~40℃, Humidity 30%~90%

Working electricity

220V, 50/60 Hz, single item


Metal Detector For Food Packaging is suitable for metal contaminants detection in various industries like food, medicine, aquatic products, meat & poultry, salted product, pastry, nuts, chemical raw material, consumer products, toys , etc.