Digital Metal Detector

Aluminum Foil Packaging Metal Detector

Aluminum Foil Packaging Metal Detector
Product Details

Aluminum foil packaging type metal detector

1 Product description:

Mainly used in aluminum foil packaging products, metal foreign body detection. The scope of use are: aluminum foil sealing cup, aluminum foil (including salt products), aluminum foil vacuum packaging, aluminum products. 

2 Features:
(1) Adjustable conveyor speed ;

(2) Material: stainless steel 304;

(3) 5" full color LCD touch screen;

(4) built-in high-precision magnetic sensor, can overcome the metal detection problems encountered in food-filled aluminum foil bags.

(5) Manage reports (can be saved to USB);

(6) Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English;

(7) Standard type (not waterproof).

(8) Easy to operate, anyone can operate

(9)High-quality stainless steel body

3 Product show and reference data


Conveyor width


Max pass width


Conveyor length


Through height


Conveyor height

400mm~User Spec.

Display screen

5" LCD Touch screen Mono

Level of check

10 Level LED Bar

Detection range


Test material

Fe. Stainless

Metal detection signal

Conveyor stop+baton,model output(DC 24V)

Conveyor speed

15~60m/min (speed is adjustable)

Working environment

0℃~40℃, Humidity 30%~90%

Working electricity

220V ±10%, 50/60 Hz, single item

4  Product ordering information:

(1) Price: current market price;
(2) Order Quantity: Based on customer requirements;
(3) Delivery: 1 ~ 1.5 months;
(4) Settlement: L / C, T / T.