ISO Container

Product Details

1.  Product name:ISO container

2.  Introduction: 

Container transport is an international transportation. As the same transport equipment to transport and turnover in various countries around the world, the container shape, structure and signs must be standardized. It ensure the container through the various countries and regions can pass. ISO Container is constructed and used in accordance with international standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 104th Technical Committee.

3  Products show

(1)Size:  External dismension:20’*8’*8’6”

Internal capacity:5.69m*2.13m*2.18m

Load-bearing : 17,500 KGS

Capacity: 24-26CBM

(2)Size:  External dismension:40’*8’*8’6”

Internal capacity:11.8m*2.13m*2.18m

Load-bearing : 22,000 KGS

Capacity: 54CBM

(3)Size:  External dismension:40’*8’*9’6”

Internal capacity:11.8m*2.13*2.72m

Load-bearing : 22,000 KGS

Capacity: 68CBM

4.  Product ordering information:

(1) Price: current market price;
(2) Order Quantity: Based on customer requirements;
(3) Delivery: 1 ~ 1.5 months;
(4) Settlement: L / C, T / T.