House Type Container

Product Details

1  Product name: House Type Container

2  Range of application 

The house type container has become an important part of the container market.It has the characteristics of fast transport. It can be used not only for small houses, toilets, kitchens, laundry rooms, small conference rooms, office space, small supermarkets, but also through the combination of design and assembly for larger conference rooms, hotels, office buildings and so on. In addition, housing containers are widely used in a variety of temporary places.

3  Features

(1)Mainly steel structure and supplemented by wood structure; The connection between components is firm; The reliability is also strong;It has good sealing.

(2)Easy disassembly, superior performance, stable and solid, good shock performance, waterproof fire corrosion, light weight. The overall structure of housing has steel plate, decorative wood. It is flexible to move.

(3) Personalized design: can be designed according to your own preferences

4 Products show(can be customized according to customer requirements)

(1)House container


20' House Container

(2)Exisibition house


5  Product ordering information:

(1) Price: current market price;
(2) Order Quantity: Based on customer requirements;
(3) Delivery: 1 ~ 1.5 months;
(4) Settlement: L / C, T / T.