Auto Check Weigher

Hi Speed In Line Checkweigher

Hi Speed In Line Checkweigher
Product Details

Hi speed in line checkweigher

Rated Power


Checking Range


Optimal Throughput

60 pcs/min

Suitable Product Dimension


Machine Dimension


Control Module

High Speed A/D Sampling Module



Operating Requirement

Temperature: -10℃~40℃,Humidity:30%~95%

Product Features

 1. Versatility: the standardization of the whole structure and standardized man-machine interface to complete the weighing of various materials.

 2. Easy to replace: can store a variety of recipes, easy to replace product specifications.

 3. Simple operation: the use of color man-machine interface, all intelligent, user-friendly design.

 4. Easy to maintain: easy to disassemble conveyor belt, easy installation and maintenance, easy to clean.

 5. Adjustable speed: the use of variable frequency control motor, the speed can be adjusted according to request.

 6. High-speed, high precision: the use of high-precision digital sensor, sampling speed, high precision.

 7. Zero tracking: manual or automatic zero, and dynamic zero tracking.


Hi Speed In Line Checkweigher is used to check the finished products whether qualified with preset weight. Widely be used in many fields including electronic, pharmacy, food, beverage, health treatment especially for checking shortage of packing medical tablet, capsule, pouch, bottles and other accessories like instruction label, driers in pharmacy industry.